Frequently Asked Questions


How much speed do I need?

Everyone's needs are different. If your household is buzzing with Internet activity, video/audio streaming, photo sharing and good old school work, you will need more bandwidth than a household simply watching a movie on Netflix, checking email or basic web surfing. We like to recommend that you start with the minimum bandwidth you think you will need, and we can help you make that decision based on your current usage estimates. If you suspect your system is running slowly and need more bandwidth, we can always upgrade you to the next level of service. We do not believe in overcharging for services you do not need, and we strive to get every customer to an ideal level of service for the right price.

What are the advantages of wireless broadband compared to satellite service?

Do I purchase or rent necessary equipment?

You must purchase necessary equipment from us when you sign up for our service. However, if you decide to cancel service within the first 12 months, we offer a buy-back service for an amount the equipment is worth at the time, based on a 12-month depreciated value.

Will I need any other special equipment?

If you would like to have wifi access throughout your home, you will need a wireless router. Our service is delivered over a wireless medium, but it is not intended for indoor wifi. You may buy or use your own. If you are going to purchase one yourself, we recommend either Cisco or Linksys brand.

What exactly is a static public IP address, and do I need one?

A static public IP address is a value or address assigned to your equipment that allows access to your home or office network directly from the Internet. Most people do not need a static public IP address, but if you use a VPN to access your home or office network, you may need a static public IP address. Most often, the reason for needing a static public IP address is either VPN access to your home or office network or access to a home or office security camera system.

Do I need a firewall?

Not generally. If you have a wireless router, it has a built-in firewall. If you choose to connect your computer directly to our Internet service equipment, your computer also has a firewall built in. If you have a static public IP address, we do recommend using a router which has a built-in firewall.

Which wireless router should I buy?

Can I use a VOIP phone?

Yes, you can use a VOIP phone with our system, but be aware that most VOIP providers do not recommend running VOIP services over a wireless connection of any kind. We utilize VOIP phones in our offices, and we do occasionally experience choppy voice quality, but for the most part, it works just fine. Different VOIP providers do indeed work better than others on our wireless network.

Will bad weather affect my service?

Historically, our wireless network was not affected by inclement weather i.e. heavy rain or snow. However, due to the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, newer gear on the market and in use in our network, may occassionally be affected by heavy rain or snow. While this newer equipment allows us to deliver more and more bandwidth into remote areas, signal used by newer equipment can be degraded by bad weather. However, the duration of the interruption is typically short-lived, and during times of inclement weather, we increase our monitoring of our network to watch for these issues. Currently, it is only certain tower equipment that has this vulnerability.


Of course, there are times when lightning strikes may damage equipment or may cause power to be interrupted, and therefore, we invest carefully in our lightning protection systems and strategies.

Are there any download limits?

No. We do not limit downloads or uploads other than by limiting your maximum available bandwidth per your subscribed service level. If however, you suspect you need more bandwidth, we can upgrade you to the next level of service at your request.

What do I need to know about the installation?

Do you require a contract?

No, we do not require a contract.

Can I change my data plan at any time?

Yes, if you find that your data needs change, just give us a call and we will adjust your plan to meet your needs.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we currently accept Visa and Discover cards and payment can be made online. Unfortunately, we have not been approved to accept Mastercard.